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The dancers, breathing more heavily, are seated once again, impassive but seemingly more fulfilled, Nicole looking a little less sad.
Ed McMahon, trainer of Impassive "My armoury is not quite as strong as last year.
However, Maxey has found a rendering of the indomitable Elizabeth Willing Powel to be particularly illuminating about the experiences behind that impassive face, as a mother whose sons died early in childhood, a woman who spent much of her life a widow, and a talented and influential person who slipped quietly into obscurity upon her death.
He captures perfectly the impassive delivery of the narrator of the invasion, a "writer of philosophy" who merely observes.
It's hard to remain impassive, seeing the smiling wardrobe assistant who lost all her brothers and sisters, and the face of another who escaped by hiding under the bodies of his family.
The emotion comes through Thomas' sinewy limbs; her face remains impassive.
They charge alone, without restraint, toward a golden vision of sunshine-drenched fields constantly churned by the smooth impassive blade of modern civilization.
The floating roof is clearly reprised from the Lucerne Cultural Centre (AR October 1998), but whereas Lucerne is an object building on a lakeside plot, Reina Sofia has to contend with a less forgiving urban condition and in the context of its impassive neighbours and tight site, ends up looking hectically gestural.
The audience was primed for graphic sex, and indeed, Reygadas began his second feature by quoting Warhol's Blow Job (1964): A leisurely close-up of a middle-aged man's face, impassive yet noticeably responding to some form of stimulation happening outside the frame.
Ali, of Chesterton Road, West London, remained impassive throughout the three-minute hearing at the capital's Bow Street Magistrates Court.
Perched low, impassive, silent, and seemingly unmoved, it feigns obscurity and anonymity, but the upward avian thrust, grave countenance, and ghastly glare label it prophet of doom.