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Inside, seven silent horses breathe steam and watch impassively as the crew sets up the shot; outside, as the van rolls up for another take, writer-director William D.
troops, which they understood to be a prelude to the return of Aristide, those troops watched impassively while Haitian demonstrators were beaten, shot, and in some instances killed.
The county forester looked us over impassively, "So, Jim," he said finally, "you're a minister, hm?
The killer listened impassively yesterday as victims' families described the impact of his crime.
The 58-year-old stood impassively in the dock as the guilty verdict on all six counts was delivered.
A gaggle of store bosses at the front entrance stood impassively as the protesters shopped while dressed in their finest nightwear.
Labourer Heaps sat impassively as moving victim impact statements from Francesca's parents, brother and sister were read out, reducing many sitting in the public gallery and two jurors to tears.
Pierre, of Rosecroft Road, Ealing, sat impassively as the case against herwas outlined.
While his fellow dragons are roasting some poor wannabe entrepreneur, he has the ability to sit impassively, waiting his turn.
The men, all wearing jeans and t-shirts, stood impassively in the dock and did not speak except to confirm their names.
The slight figure in the dock looked on impassively as the judge sentenced her to 14 years.
Steven Wright sat impassively looking at the magistrates' bench during today's five-minute court hearing at Ipswich.