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continuously menacing the impassiveness of the monk's heart, are essentially affects and drives: gluttony, lust, covetousness, sadness, anger, acedia, vainglory and pride.
At his hanging this week, Ali Hassan al-Majid, the cousin of Saddam Hussein, had only ambient impassiveness to serenade him into the pit.
Later in his life Coleridge reflected upon his former "doubts concerning the incarnation and the redemption by the cross; which I could neither reconcile in reason with the impassiveness of the Divine Being, nor in my moral feelings with the sacred distinction between things and persons, the vicarious payment of a debt and the vicarious expiation of guilt" (Biographia Literaria 1: 205).
And though the non-hierachical plan might speak of a spirit of inclusion and openness, the impassiveness of the facade says otherwise.
Since Nina's habitual stillness--her "calm impassiveness," "solemn eyes," and "wonderful equanimity"--makes her an easy canvas for such projections, an illusion replaces the real daughter (Almayer's 31, 33).
They are his father Eugene (Scott Wilson), whose impassiveness masks a sweet, unconditional tolerance of everybody; mother Peg (Celia Weston), restive, hard-boiled on the surface, indulgent of her children but wary of strangers--including Madeleine; younger brother Johnny (Benjamin McKenzie), a sullen hothead at the moment, unhinged by the burden of his new responsibilities and the impending visit of a brother he bitterly envies; and Johnny's near-term pregnant wife, Ashley (Amy Adams), at first glance a superficial, effusive ditz, whose surfeit of genuine affection for others gradually wins you over.
That even a player who personifies impassiveness found it difficult to disguise his mounting excitement in anticipation of this afternoon's Heineken Cup quarter-final at the Parc des Princes underlined the all-consuming magnitude of the occasion.
Next, the author examines how the theological and medical discourses of the medieval period deemed the emotions felt by the widow figure to be a sublimated form of anger, which in women can only be expressed legitimately as patience and impassiveness in the face of tribulation.
The reporter noted that "an Oriental impassiveness characteristic of the Chinese" could not "hide the undercurrent of excitement" in Chinatown after the murder, and that despite their effort to "solve the real inwardness of the shooting," the police were unable to permeate "a seemingly impenetrable veil of mystery and silence" surrounding the event.
Simultaneously, the implied reader can see the impassiveness and unremarkableness of the cows' lives.
66) The teachings of Stoicism, while recognizing international fraternity (cosmopolitanism) and the ancient ideal of the world as the common property of all, ultimately offered no plan on how to implement these ideals in social reality, retreating instead into impassiveness or indifference.
His round face, black as asphalt, wore a bland gaze of almost Oriental impassiveness, an improbable bourgeois placidness--yet with, I still remember, almost meltingly sweet eyes.