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The key to the new style is, Peter Bondanella writes, "Rossellini's impassivity, his technique of revealing only the outer surfaces of reality, forcing the viewer to confront his seemingly inconsequential and undramatic style without obvious clues as to how the film must be interpreted.
Moreover, in Huck's voice and character Twain echoed still another cultural division - between the impassivity associated with the masculine and the expressiveness and inferiority identified with the feminine.
Then there was the problem of Asian impassivity, the maintenance of a bland facade, whatever the dancers might be thinking.
Some are familiar Christian ones, such as humility, or giving "and not asking for any reward" (Saint Ignatius); some are completely universal, whereas a few are recognizably Taoist or Buddhist in their stress on flow, impassivity, freedom, and emptiness.
Moresco's characters are one-dimensional cutouts rather than rounded individuals, continually repeating the gestures by which they identify their experiences, consumed in a series of acts performed with absolute impassivity.
It also taught me useful, if rudimentary, skills concerning stealth and regulated impassivity.
From this perspective, the mute impassivity of Malevich's painting marks an endpoint in the history of art.
This is what is making me crazy; it is not the impassivity of the regular voters, but rather the impassivity of our intellectuals and the various institutions responsible for upholding justice, not corruption.
Lucy rejects Bretton, whose very name suggests Britain, aligning his impassivity toward the Vashti performance with a quintessential English landmark, the white cliffs of Dover: 'Cool young Briton
Sigalis plays him with a crusty impassivity that flares into wonderful contradiction.
El Saadawi attributes despotism and oppression to a great extent to people's impassivity, ignorance, and submissiveness: "But where have the people gone?
Instead, her impassivity only highlights their own ridiculous behavior, sparking their fear of appearing barbaric in comparison.