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And so, for the past couple of years, the pop star's loyal fans have been impatiently waiting for new music and projects that's not 'The Voice'-related.
I can be impatiently and tediously pragmatic," Owens told the Los Angeles Times Magazine in 2010, in an interview printed in the book.
We are praying and are impatiently awaiting the denouement of this case," Bachir Abdou told Le360.
Shammari added that "Mosul and the rest of the occupied regions of the province of Nineveh, are waiting impatiently for the day of liberation to be a day for the salvation of the country from terrorism and to promote national unity, which is embodied clearly by everyone to stand in one hand against terrorism.
Many global investors are waiting impatiently for calmer atmospheres to resume their economic activities in the Islamic republic which is doing its utmost to prepare the ground for foreign investments, he added.
Abdullah Al-Alaemi, said that "The legitimate government deals with full responsibility with the United Nations' endeavors for a political solution and considers them as sincere and respected efforts, explaining that the delay in holding the new round of consultations is due to lack of readiness of the other party," Alaemi added: "Yemeni people are waiting impatiently for the moment of coup militiamen's awake of their illusion and transgression to stop tampering with the blood of the Yemeni people and the severe damage caused by these militias to the social fabric and national infrastructure of Yemenis and their future.
As a huge fan of the book, I'd been waiting very impatiently for the movie version of 'Kill Your Friends'.
We're waiting impatiently for the promised fall debut of LocoL, the healthy fast-food joint that Bay Area chef Daniel Patterson and Los Angeles' Roy Choi are opening in L.
While we wait impatiently for season two of Israel Story to start up (yes, it's coming, later this spring
While the King (Damian Lewis) doesn't appear till nearly the end, we also meet the Duke of Norfolk (Bernard Hill) and his niece Anne Boleyn, (Claire Foy) waiting impatiently in the wings.
wait impatiently for the FAA to devise a set of rules that will allow them to fly, cargo airline DHL has launched the first commercial drone deliveries in Europe.
Meanwhile, BDI continues impatiently to wait for the mounting of three Albanian monuments.