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It's clear in the Constitution that all impeachable officers can only be removed from their posts through impeachment, not through any other means,' she said.
The bloc added that after several months of hearing, Gadon's impeachment complaint has proven nothing that rises to the level of impeachable offense.
The best way to hold accountable and remove impeachable high-ranking government officials is through the process of impeachment where the Senate is convened as an impeachment court," she added.
The power to investigate and prosecute impeachable officers such as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Ombudsman lies solely in Congress through an impeachment," Drilon said.
Steve Stockman (R-Texas), who reportedly delivered copies of Impeachable Offenses to every member of Congress.
The Ambassador told Bahrain News Agency that such abominable act is objectionable by all religions and impeachable by law as it targeted the Kingdom's security, stability and the physical safety of citizens and residents.
What Bush and Cheney have done is without a doubt impeachable.
Interestingly, Conyers, who entered the House of Representatives in 1964, never managed to find any impeachable behavior in the conduct of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who lied America into a far more destructive war and presided over the colossal civil rights violations of J.
And his reputation for moral clarity served the nation well at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, when he publicly condemned Clintons behavior while balancing it with an argument that the president hadn't committed an impeachable offense.
Within the speech, Jordan first states the criterion for an impeachable offense and then iterates the activities of Nixon that correspond to those criteria.
But post-impeachment evaluations will be crucial in determining how future generations of politicians and citizens interpret the Constitution's vague standard of impeachable offenses.