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Warrior" in the classic Eastern sense implies fierce moral courage and impeccability in one's actions--walking our talk.
Trojcak agrees with Cornwell that Pope John Paul suffers from "creeping infallibilism," as well as "papal impeccability," both factors which help "mystify the papal office".
Although Specter's election might have jeopardized the running of the government, Musmanno complained that "What the Court is doing in this decision is to dress Arlen Specter in a white suit of impeccability to hide the rags of illogic and illegality which have marred his appearance as a candidate up to this point.
Pasternak's translations of Shakespeare, for example, fall far short of the original, yet one must recognize their impeccability as poetry--and they are great translations, despite their inaccuracies.
But it may be difficult to show that Numancia suffers a fall through some hamartia, if one prefers to sustain a strongly implied moral reading of the play in which Numancia's impeccability or their right to wage a just war would be at stake.
While they may well be hollow, I imagine them as solid: Their materials are stuffs like wood, particle-board, and galvanized steel, and despite the oil paint and lithography and silk-screen inks that give them mimetic impeccability, they are taxonomically closest to sculpture.
While Wright serves as the standard-bearer for critical memory, both Ellison and Washington are found wanting; their vision of black progress or, in Baker's terms, "black modernity," results in a "mulatto modernism" characterized by its bourgeois tendencies, "middle-class individualism, vestimentary and hygienic impeccability, oratorical and double-conscious 'race pride,' and protonationalism" (TSA, p.
The impeccability with which Lubitsch's actors portray bumbling actors offers a contrast that underscores the insecure nature of the actors who, in Europe, are putting on the show that constitutes Nazi propaganda and propagation.
The aesthetic of #51 is really inconsistent with casual, smudged marks, and part of the pleasure of the work derives from the impeccability of its execution.
It thinks too well of God to portray Him as exacting impeccability from flesh and blood.
At the same time, there will be others whose attitudinal impeccability is so far ahead of mine that I may be unable to appreciate it.
In the potter's perilous enrolment in humanity, and in his (and our culture's) valuing of cutaneous impeccability, an old connection between skin and sin, between literal and social marking out, is established, one that is inherent in the term stigmatization.