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The Impeccable immediately deployed their rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB) to rescue the personnel.
You leave the court with your impeccable character intact.
Visitors from overseas associate Great Britain as a place filled with discerning gents with impeccable manners, but nothing could be further from the truth," he added.
During the incident which took place on March 7, the Impeccable was allegedly surrounded by Chinese boats.
It happened as the USNS Impeccable, which detects underwater threats such as submarines, was patrolling international waters 75 miles south of Hainan island.
A work of impeccable scholarship and painstaking research, Preamble Border is a seminal benchmark reference for the significant activity on the Great Lakes for trade between its most active years of 1650 and 1990.
Woody Allen has fashioned an ode to his beloved metropolis in this dark romantic comedy, with gorgeous black and white photography by Gordon Willis and an impeccable and heartbreaking score by Gershwin.
STYLE: He is known for his discipline, his impeccable memory and attention to detail.
Discover those three steps in this in-depth exploration of how paper coating based on nanotechnological principles fuses with the paper, creating an impeccable surface for modern digital inks and rotogravure printing.
Over the years, I have followed what seems to be an impeccable career of Lloyd Ward.
After the information technology bubble and its excesses, these companies want to make sure that their balance sheets are impeccable before outsiders, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, examine their financial statements.