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We went on to work together at talkSPORT and I'd often bump into him at games, where he'd be impeccably dressed and impeccably mannered.
According to the senator, a concerned and impeccably reliable source handed him confidential documents pointing to irregularities that have transpired during the last polls which allegedly altered the results of the national elections.
Friends have remembered Andy Browning as a fan of music who was always "impeccably dressed" after the 63-year-old's body was discovered on Ffrith Beach, Prestatyn, early on Friday morning.
The English beauty's wedding night doesn't go as expected, and when she takes a lover from a household of spying servants and looming groomsmen, murder most foul Beautifully photographed and impeccably played by all, this is a Shakespearean experience for those who don't like Shakespeare.
Impeccably translated, Pedro de Jesus's latest collection will baffle, delight, and repulse.
PIERS Morgan appeared on 5 Live claiming his tweets are "impeccably spelt" days after spelling Middlesbrough wrong.
Anchored by a tour-de-force central performance from Blair, whose mournful stare instantly curries sympathy, Blue Ruin is an impeccably crafted revenge thriller that breathes new life into a well-worn genre.
First of all, to the naysayers, Y Niwl are impeccably fun.
The nomination actually puts us in the running for two awards: the Webby, which will be rewarded by a panel of illustrious, impeccably dressed judges of discerning taste, and the Webby People's Voice Award, which will be rewarded by the illustrious, impeccably dressed, voting public.
Impeccably! I would like very much to hear some congratulations ...
SHUTTER ISLAND (15) THE lunatics are taking over the asylum, or that's what Martin Scorsese's impeccably crafted psychological thriller would have us believe.