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She was born in 1741 of genteel but impecunious Welsh stock.
So the impecunious monarch had the whole order rounded up and burnt at the stake as heretics.
Eccentric in a rather grand English manner, the Durrells spread joy and mayhem from various corners of the empire, took in the impecunious despite the fact they despised them, attempted to keep up appearances in a life run amok, and managed to care for each other very much while calling each other mad.
Bottom lines dependent on ad revenue, decimated by the migration of advertising money to the impecunious Web, are now getting killed by the recession.
In 2000, Brian, an attractive but impecunious 27-year-old puppeteer from Brisbane and avid member of the local Goth subculture, traveled to Lahore for a festival.
For engineers at SSTL it will be business as usual with no immediate differences other than exchanging the impecunious parent of the university for a slightly wealthier one in terms of EADS?
ATTENTION Berlin-bound students and backpackers: For a mere 38 euros ($50), the impecunious traveler can decamp to the Ostel, a new budget hotel in the city's hip Mitte district.
The impecunious Bianci family is the focus of the first piece, titled "The Welfare Lady.
Emerging impecunious from the office, I heard the vicar making a brave stab at leading the congregation in a rendition of Abide With Me.
PHOTO BY SAMMY traces Davis' impecunious origins in Harlem to his raft of rich experiences in show business, which took root during racially divided times in the United States.
Seduced and carried off from her patrician parents' household in 1563 by an impecunious Florentine aristocrat, Bianca had become mistress to Francesco by 1567.