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If his affections for his parents were ambivalent, we can always remember that he was an abused child condemned to work from an early age in a soul-destroying blacking shop by an impecunious father who eventually went to prison for debt, something which left a scar on Dickens for the rest of his life.
The thinking behind this state-sanctioned philanthropy is that banks and other money-lenders have for centuries traditionally penalised the impecunious and indebted by imposing punitive charges to teach them a valuable lesson and keep them in their place.
When he complains about his wretched luck in having impoverished parents, I usually wheel out my own sob stories of my impecunious adolescence.
It has been the home of impecunious monks, the new Teesside rich, and stoats.
The swell of poor people in cities represented a potentially threatening change, and in a fine chapter Cowan profiles the rather similar actions taken by Catholic and Protestant authorities to control the impecunious, actions ranging from the licensing of beggars to the establishment of hospitals and workhouses for the enclosure of the poor.
A glamorous, single-minded, seductive 18-year-old, she quickly eschewed connubial bliss with her impecunious and volatile husband--whom she had married in 1939 just three weeks after meeting him--and set her sights on more celebrated game.
He said that PEF was also promoting IT education in its partner schools so that the students, mostly belonging to the impecunious strata, could learn about latest concepts.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has planned to launch the pilot project of 'technology for education' to improve the learning outcomes of the students mostly belonging to the impecunious strata.
Both are on Tyneside but 30 years apart, firstly when the main character, Ham, was a part of the still fairly new and impecunious Kicking Theatre Company, and later when he returns to audition for a revival of the play which was their first production.
Will the project be abandoned or will our impecunious state be obliged to pick up the bill?
Curiously, these overbureaucratic, impecunious institutional behemoths still manage to pay, on average, better wages than those on offer in the private sector, coupled with the few remaining final salary pension schemes.
One of the oldest championships in world golf, the Aussie Open sounds a great title but such is the poverty of talent down under these days and so impecunious is their golf tour that the standard on offer is distinctly second-rate outside obvious favourite Geoff Ogilvy and the revived Scott.