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Back in Germany in the summer of 1935, Nebel joined the NSDAP, citing in his denazification statement impecuniousness and the need to offset the risks arising from his former membership of the Socialist Workers' Party as the reasons for his choice (strangely, Kleinschmidt does not mention Nebel's Nazi membership in his otherwise very helpful epilogue to Schmerz des Vermissens).
Nowhere is this chronic near impecuniousness more revealed than in
The blame for Robinson's impecuniousness rests equally with those who imposed on her goodwill.
When it adopted her point of view, you saw the shame and impecuniousness behind the cover-girl mask.
The smudges of grime on the white walls, the half-hearted attempts at ironic decoration, the cupboards full of ramen and cereal, the rumpled futon and mismatched bedding that allows a corner of the living room to double as Winston's bedroom -- everything bespeaks the impecuniousness and carelessness of creative youth.
Even at the end he worries more about Bosie's impecuniousness than his own.
Their worldly success was a persistent rebuke to the impecuniousness of their intermittently broke and never wealthy brother.