impede the progress of

See: delay, hold up
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Deane was too shrewd and practical a man to allow either his reminiscences or his snuff to impede the progress of trade.
For his part, the governor of Kirkuk gave explanation about the conditions of the province and the obstacles that impede the progress of some of the projects.
Meanwhile, the court issued a notice on pleas by Reliance Telecom and other accused in the 2G scam case seeking recall of its April 2011 order restraining all courts in the country from entertaining petitions set to impede the progress of the trial in the scam.
July 14 (Saba) - President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi on Sunday said that no one can impede the progress of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) Hadi made the statement in a breakfast he held this evening at the republican palace for the NDC's presidency and members on the occasion of the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and the end of the NDC's second phase.
We can therefore ill afford to be hampered by incidents of crime and violence which can impede the progress of the sector and set us back tremendously.
A removal service is required mainly to ensure that illegally parked vehicles do not impede the progress of the Highways Maintenance PFI as this could be costly to the Council.
do nothing for the solving of trade frictions and will also impede the progress of economic recovery and severely dampen confidence in recovery," he said.
The PM also called on " political and social stakeholders to support the security efforts in matters of fight against criminality and block the plans to impede the progress of the country at home and abroad.
He said the government has no will to impede the progress of media but wishes and requests that it should research duly before spreading news.
Surely anyone with a modicum of common sense must realise that this would only serve to impede the progress of vehicles.
They will also prevent the interference and pressure of those who intend to impede the progress of countries such as Iran and China," the Iranian president noted.
At this time, there are no obstacles to impede the progress of these transactions.