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They dug a grave for her in the new soil, where the roots of the pine-trees impeded their spades; and when her bones had rested there nearly two hundred years, and a city had sprung up around them, a church of stone was built upon the spot.
We steered due West ; but as the trailing of the buoys materially impeded our progress, and we had the balloon abundantly at command, either for ascent or descent, we first threw out fifty pounds of ballast, and then wound up (by means of a windlass) so much of the rope as brought it quite clear of the sea.
To his intense chagrin he soon found that his leg was more badly injured than he had thought, and that its condition seriously impeded his progress.
The carved pearl-shell ornament that hung from nose to chin and impeded speech was purely ornamental, as were the holes in his ears mere utilities for carrying pipe and tobacco.
This naturally impeded our progress; but there was more in the teetering than that.
Late in the afternoon it had come on to be cloudy, and he had lost his bearings; and although he had only to go always downhill--everywhere the way to safety when one is lost--the absence of trails had so impeded him that he was overtaken by night while still in the forest.
The stairs were very narrow--that was all that saved us--for as I backed slowly upward, but a single lion could attack me at a time, and the carcasses of those I slew impeded the rushes of the others.
I was much impeded by my rifle, having to swim with one hand while I clung to my precious weapon with the other.
He noted that what has impeded the rise of a state in Lebanon and the Arab world for the past fifty years was "trading with the Palestinian cause.
In a statement, Robert Buckland QC drew attention to the risk of publishing material, including on social media, which could create a substantial risk that the course of justice may be seriously impeded or prejudiced.
He said: "In recent years there have been several incidents where leisure craft have impeded the ferry and other large vessels entering and leaving the Haven.
trimming AS you walk up the track towards the cottage, progress is impeded by the overhanging branches of one of the best trees in the garden, Cornus 'Norman Hadden'.