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A disability or obstruction that prevents an individual from entering into a contract.

Infancy, for example, is an impediment in making certain contracts. Impediments to marriage include such factors as consanguinity between the parties or an earlier marriage that is still valid.

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an obstruction to the making of a contract or a marriage by reason of closeness of blood or affinity.
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He told his listeners that they were better placed to know the impediments and regulations that should be removed in order to serve the business community and the general public well.
School days slightly improved when he changed classes to join his friends from primary school who were used to his speech impediment.
(A) Whether in terms of Article 31 (3A) (a)(i) of the Constitution, as amended by the 18th Amendment, I, as the incumbent President, serving my second term of office would have any impediment after the expiration of four years from the date of commencement of my second term of office on November 19, 2010, to declare by Proclamation my intention of appealing to the people for a mandate to hold office as President by election for a further term.
Together, these developments and observations lead us to our research question, namely: What are the main impediments to collaborative purchasing among Dutch hospitals and how can IT help in addressing them?
However, speech impediments affect 1.2 million children in the UK who as a result often get bashed, bullied and become isolated.
Yesterday's follow-up story in the tabloid, carrying the headline: "Wossy: Roy Row is Ruddy Ridiculous", accused critics of having a "sense of humour failure" and included supportive quotes from television presenter Jonathan Ross - who famously has the same impediment - defending the story.
"We don't know what we're going to have to pay out for health care in the next two or three years," Cummings said of the textile and synthetic fiber producer, which employs roughly 400 people, "so that's an impediment to us as far as hiring goes, to understand what that cost's going to be."
An extraordinary 51 percent who think uncertainty is an impediment to growth (38 percent of the small-employer population) blame the current political situation at least in part as obstructing their growth.
And in order to help your children cure their impediment you need to understand the sense of loss that they will feel as well.
Now a leading film The King's Speech has been made regarding the impediment in speech of King George VI, the Queen's father.
Colin Firth, who was accompanied by wife Livia Giuggioli, said speaking with a speech impediment was sometimes tough but that the grade of actors made the performance easy.
Malaysia-based Maybank Islamic, a unit of Malayan Banking (MBBM.KL) and considered to be Asia-Pacific's largest Islamic bank, has said that the lack of business-savvy scholars is an impediment to expansion.