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But volunteer army personnel costs escalate rapidly; you can pay a draftee minimal wages for a short, "rite of passage" stint of military service, but professional soldiers come with the impedimenta of families, the need for greater benefits for their extended service (including pensions), and requirement for pay commensurate to civilians with comparable skills.
Oh, imagine disguising yourself through the exigencies of a creaky door, disguising yourself as a maker of lists, a guardian of household impedimenta, disguising yourself as something other than the writer Jane Austen.
der Arzt) impedimenta detrahit, quale est quando ypochysin (id est caliginem) deponit aut claudicationem detrahit aut de cute aufert .
Impedimenta was indispensable to the legion in order to be supplied and ready for battle, but on the other hand impedimenta, as the name suggests in Latin, is a burden which slows down the projection and the agility of the army: something similar to today's French TGV (High Speed Train) experience.
While lynchers routinely employed horrific methods such as hot branding irons and cattle prods (items that, not coincidentally, hint specifically at the phallic envy informing both the motivations and minds of lynchers) by which to terrify, torture, and maim their victims before ultimately killing them, White includes only the basic lynching impedimenta, the rope and the faggot, for the attention-getting name of his work.
If rocks are plentiful, much of the defences will be finished by the time the piquet troops arrive with all the impedimenta already mentioned.
I made the strictest possible orders in relation to wagons and all species of encumbrances and impedimenta whatever.
On the contrary, it handicaps us, and our impedimenta of knowledge, culture, and riches encumbers us as soon as we are on the boat" to the United States (179).
Empowerment means giving people their head, not just relieving them of minor bureaucratic impedimenta.
The Germans captured more than 20,000 Russian soldiers along with machineguns, artillery, and other impedimenta.
I was then handed a spear called a pilum, to be carried in my right hand, and a heavy pack called an impedimenta, to be carried on the end of a pole slung over my shoulder.
Dios suprime dos impedimenta contrarios a la rehabilitacion, a saber: la impiedad, la cual incluye la supersticion, y los deseos mundanos.