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After two hours, the jury reached a unanimous verdict of not guilty of murder but guilty of impeding.
With all this in mind, how do you properly exercise your right to have a representative present for an inspection without running afoul of the law by impeding the investigator?
Arizona officials have criticised Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) for impeding investigations into its loan-modification programmes.
Curran focused on the interplay of movement and music, so Nolan had to make his costumes accentuate that, and avoid impeding the lifts.
Helen Putterman and Richard Kaiser, by working continuously with the sellers during that time, were ultimately successful in helping the buyer and seller overcome the obstacles impeding the sale.
Sorensen deftly explores the physical and emotional intimacy that comprises pre-marital and marital adult relationships and how low self-esteem (LSE) is the primary factor in impeding the sustained establishment of verbal, emotional, and sexual intimacy.
There is no category for impeding a player who is trying to cut in front of your face and gain position.
On this occasion, the referee judged that impeding had taken place and, as the incident was inside the 18-yard box, it had to be a penalty.
The beetles lay their eggs in trees and the resulting larvae bore into the wood, feeding on the tree's cambium, sapwood, and heartwood and impeding the movement of water and nutrients through the tree.
FORMER Boston United manager Steve Evans has been found guilty of two serious charges of misleading and impeding a Football Asso-ciation investigation into financial irregularities at the club.
Sarbanes-Oxley also creates protections for whistleblowers at publicly traded companies and imposes new criminal penalties relating to fraud, conspiracy, and impeding investigations.
These delays are impeding, and will continue to impede, the ability of law enforcement to effect lawfully authorized pen register and trap and trace orders.