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Oshkosh showed off the first Velocity and Impel vehicles at the Fire Rescue International show in Dallas, Texas, earlier this year.
Impel NeuroPharma said it plans to continue developing combination products both internally and through pharmaceutical company partnerships for migraine, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
This is an encouraging result which indicates the POD technology can be easily utilized in clinical research and incorporated into commercial drug-device combination products," said John Hoekman, PhD, Impel NeuroPharma's Chief Scientific Officer.
Today's announced milestones support Impel technology's ability to enable CNS molecules that were previously unable to cross the blood-brain barrier to become useful therapeutics and improve product profiles of CNS drugs by improving efficacy and reducing side effects in a practical and convenient dosage form.
John Hoekman, PhD, Impel NeuroPharma's Chief Scientific Officer, will serve as Principal Investigator of the grant.
Impel Management has been relying on a payroll service bureau that offered very little functionality for reporting or human resource management and that required the HR team to manage vacation requests, third-party data transfers, direct deposit changes, and nearly all employee events manually with spreadsheets and paper forms.
In a society terrified by media-heightened episodes of cruel and apparently irrational behavior on the part of otherwise normal-appearing children, shock and anger often impel an immediate punitive response so that we can quickly return to the comfortable pretense that ``nice people don't do things like that.
The increasing use of mobile and wireless technologies at the bedside is likely to impel the adoption rate of EMRs in the future.
Chapter 5 examines twentieth-century cultural attitudes that impel readers "so earnestly to seek a revolutionary, democratic temper in these seventeenth-century Spanish masterpieces.
Greater Digitization of Broadcast Content Impel Switcher Manufacturers to Improve Product Offering