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This general increase in the rate of subclinical syndromes seemingly points to the valence of the socio-cultural thin impellent (Fallon, Katzman & Wooley, 1996 ; Malson, 1998).
Also, with autistoid patients like Amy and Holly, the inception of their pathological organizations predated their exposure to cultural impellent.
These partner exercises consist of first teaching the student how to absorb impellent force from a training partner in order not to be afraid of it.
Savery's patent covered any "vessells" for raising water or powering millworks "by the impellent force of fire.
61%); late postnatal period--in all patients (large thymus glands, affect-respiratory crises, irritability of newborn, tearfulness, capriciousness, sleep disorders, dyspepsia, impellent anxiety, shudders, stunted physical development).