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The impendence audiometry was performed in all 31 cases and Type 'A' type curve was seen in all these cases.
At the time of impendence only 644 students were enrolled in universities.
Electrode impendence was maintained below 5 K with a sampling rate of 500 Hz and a 0.15-50 HZ band-pass filter.
Besides, the impendence parameters of the trip distribution and modal split, [theta] and [gamma], are assumed to be 0.5 and 0.8, separately.
According to the transmission line theory, propagation constant in lossless structure is [gamma] = j[beta] = [square root of Z'Y'] where Z and Y' are per unit length impendence and admittance [23].
A wideband dual-polarized crossed-dipole antenna with parasitic crossed strip for base station applications has been presented where a pair of orthogonal crossed dipoles and two linear polarizations has been obtained and crossed strip is introduced to improve the impendence bandwidth and enhance the isolation [19].
Therefore, according to the feature of value range [0, 1] in satisfaction function [g.sub.p]([Q.sub.P]), the paper constructs an Impendence Function suitable for lower layer planning in this paper, as shown in
All participants underwent body composition analysis assessed by bioelectrical impendence analysis.
Based on the fact that the impedance of a homogenous slab of material does not depend on its thickness, the effective boundary is determined as the location where the impendence difference between two slabs of different thickness is minimised [31].
By selecting [L.sub.5] 14.5 mm and [L.sub.7] 5.7 mm, better impendence bandwidth which can meet the requirement for WLAN/WiMAX standards is obtained.
However, with the location of the pins father from the center, the impendence matching of the low frequency end has deteriorated.
Many efforts have been made to compensate for the mutual coupling effect through the coupling impendence matrix combining numerical computation technique (e.g., method of moments) [22-24].