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The good impendence matching performance is necessary to ensure that the array has a higher realized gain, whose definition includes the effect of reflected power [25].
47) Ilyas Akhmadov and Miriam Lanskoy, The Chechen Struggle: Impendence, Won, and Lost (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 77.
A Maltron 907 bioelectrical impendence analyser (Maltron, Rayleigh, Essex, UK) was used for the BIA.
We will continue struggle till impendence of Kashmiris, he vowed.
i] sin([omega]t) the frequency, [omega] = 2[pi]f, the gain in rear amplification stage A, the impendence of the circuit Z, and the capacitance of sensor, C = [C.
Here the switching frequency is more than the series resonant frequency and the load is such that equivalent impendence across the terminal AB is inductive, therefore in this mode the converter operates with lagging power factor.
Using localized extraction was the crystal on the bottom side near the selective pallet area (which is part of the high impendence circuit), the selective solder connector, and a topside via area connected to the circuit.
A conference can make a difference; the very impendence of a conference evokes and compacts thought in a field.
Tenders are invited for Supply of impendence and phase measurement unit
High velocity (Peak velocity >20 cm/sec) and low impendence (PI <1) waveform on Pulsed Doppler have been proposed with scar implantation.
In these two regions, electric and magnetic field components to each other are orthogonal and wave impendence is constant.