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NDMA's continuous assistance/guidance during impending Monsoon Season was also assured to all stakeholders.
A new poll shows that many Virginians are concerned that the impending merger between two companies could decrease competition and increase premiums in the state.
Dubai: Team Godolphin has enjoyed some outstanding success with their juvenile string in Australia this season and the well-bred Impending continued that trend when making an eye-catching career debut at Rosehill on Saturday.
If the impending loss of around 10,000 jobs does not enhance the case for leaving the European Union, I don't know what will.
Rollover sensor: Designed to deploy the side curtain airbags in the event of an impending rollover (2015 and later SportWagen models and beginning with 2016 model Golf and GTI 4-door hatchbacks built after June 2015).
I join the Catholic faithful in celebrating the impending canonization of Mother Teresa, Binay said in a statement.
The Supreme Court rejected the 2nd Circuit's "objectively reasonable likelihood" standard concluding that it "is inconsistent with our requirement that Cythreatened injury must be certainly impending to constitute injury in fact.
The Convergence Crisis: An Impending Paradigm Shift in Advertising attempts to address the elements surrounding the impending doom faced by advertising, which has grown more and more ineffectual in its efforts due to savvy target audiences, migratory communities with increased demands and expectations, and advertisingAEs inability to effectively measure, monetize, and create revenue.
Unfortunately very few studies have examined the signs of impending death making it difficult for healthcare professionals to make a diagnosis with confidence and to communicate this with the family.
We have been told about the impending change with the rider that it is a routine affair and nothing much should be interpreted of it," said a Mumbai- based former Sangh pracharak who now an officebearer of the BJP.
The trailer features clips of Christie warning of an impending budget crisis, along with dramatic music and sound effects.
Kenya's carrier, Kenya Airways said on 1 February 2014, its flights to Britain are running normally and dismissed rumors that it has canceled flights to London over impending terror attacks in Nairobi.