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No, not perfect," was the count's reply; "only impenetrable, that's all.
Time had thrown an impenetrable veil over it, and left to tradition and fable and conjecture to say what had once been there portrayed.
The other, the East king, the king of blood-red sunrises, I represent to myself as a spare Southerner with clear-cut features, black-browed and dark-eyed, gray-robed, upright in sunshine, resting a smooth-shaven cheek in the palm of his hand, impenetrable, secret, full of wiles, fine-drawn, keen - meditating aggressions.
In the intervals of the stones immense trees have taken root, and their broad boughs stretching far over, and interlacing together, support a canopy almost impenetrable to the sun.
But not a star showed above--only utter and impenetrable darkness.
One feels everywhere in it authority, unity, the impenetrable, the absolute, Gregory VII.
From this almost impenetrable bower above the village he crouched, looking down upon the scene below him, wondering over every feature of this new, strange life.
Prince Andrew looked closely into those mirrorlike, impenetrable eyes, and felt that it had been ridiculous of him to have expected anything from Speranski and from any of his own activities connected with him, or ever to have attributed importance to what Speranski was doing.
I got back health enough to be of use in the printing office that autumn, and I was quietly at work there with no visible break in my surroundings when suddenly the whole world opened to me through what had seemed an impenetrable wall.
By striking numerous matches the Belgian at last found what he sought, and when, a moment later, the sickly rays relieved the Stygian darkness about him, he breathed a nervous sigh of relief, for the impenetrable gloom had accentuated the terrors of his situation.
Directly ahead of him he thought he discerned a faint glow--scarcely more than a less impenetrable darkness.
Then, turning towards Rosa, and fixing on her his scrutinising, and at the same time impenetrable glance, he said, --