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Jonathan Cohen's almost impenetrably brilliant book entitled The Probable and the Provable.
expensive and impenetrably complex, it placed stewardship of the rule of
In the lower bay, ice-free for 250 years, a mature temperate rainforest grows almost impenetrably thick, watered by six feet of rain a year.
At some point between 2007 and now, someone noticed this, and put them in the crosshairs of some provisions in the impenetrably large Dodd-Frank financial reform bill.
Because we know that there will never be Any more time when this our time is done; Because we know there is for you and me No other place under another sun And that our day is bounded by a night Impenetrably dark, boundlessly deep; Let this our fearful day be full of light Let this our day be sweet.
The second, equally important impingement on the normally impenetrably hard crystal surface is due to oxygen (O) in the air.
By taking cyber attack targets offline, by making them impenetrably secure, or by making attacks impossibly futile, denial measures diminish the benefits of a possible cyber attack.
First, she translated an impenetrably technocratic discourse into more accessible language and storylines.
However, those for whom the final series signals the TV event of the year will have already joined me in having their grey matter tuned to mush through trying to figure out the impenetrably labyrinthine plot.
impenetrably thickheaded REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1978: impenetrably thickheaded chusheng rusi [TEXT NOT 2009: F.
26) That is: I have decided in advance that all notions of God are false and invented--I am a fundamentalist atheist, my mind as impervious as a locked iron vise, impenetrably bent on irrationally maintaining my dogmas, no matter what others argue, what distinctions are drawn, what my own assumptions are shown to be.
Images are cut across pages and, rather impenetrably, article titles are ripped away from their texts.