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The water appears impenetrably dark at first, but on closer look it is normally very clear.
Ros Altmann, an independent pensions expert, said: "Insurance companies often make it impenetrably diffi-cult to move to another company.
Opening with a dry, rambling introduction from Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins, sounding like a parched parrot), the film begins almost as impenetrably as the Star Wars' reboot, The Phantom Menace.
I can only go so far up one of them before I wonder what it is I hope to achieve as the brush and trees grow almost impenetrably dense.
NEIL KINNOCK ON THE FALL OF MARGARET THATCHER "The great She-Elephant - she has an impenetrably thick hide, she is liable to mount charges in all directions and she is always thinking on the trot.
Most songs barely break the two-minute barrier, and the riffs come thick and fast, impenetrably distorted and narrated by Jones' ragged howls.
Jonathan Cohen's almost impenetrably brilliant book entitled The Probable and the Provable.
expensive and impenetrably complex, it placed stewardship of the rule of
In the lower bay, ice-free for 250 years, a mature temperate rainforest grows almost impenetrably thick, watered by six feet of rain a year.
I pressed the universe and felt it press, impenetrably, back.
Because we know that there will never be Any more time when this our time is done; Because we know there is for you and me No other place under another sun And that our day is bounded by a night Impenetrably dark, boundlessly deep; Let this our fearful day be full of light Let this our day be sweet.
The second, equally important impingement on the normally impenetrably hard crystal surface is due to oxygen (O) in the air.