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The reader is left to conclude whether Jonah's silence at the end of the narrative indicates sullen impenitence or shame-filled consideration, but only the latter is the response the poet desires from his audience.
When he first appears in the Pickwick Papers he is frustrated in his employment as lackey and bootblack at the White Hart Inn, and in the episode that introduces him we glimpse the demanding impenitence of his social superiors and Sam's resentment at this.
26) The response of the medieval public could turn violently against a criminal who proved unremorseful and obstinate in impenitence.
Because Macbeth persists freely in his villainy, Chesterton calls his impenitence "suicidal" (Collins 122).
They are: 1) Presumption, 2) Despair, 3) Resisting the truth, 4) envy of the spiritual good of another person, 5) Obstinacy in sin, and 6) Final impenitence.