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Nearly 30,000 plants have been planted by horticulturists and volunteers for spring, with several species being introduced to Kings Park for the first time including threatened species Eucalyptus impensa, and Eremophila or 'Poverty Bush' as it is commonly known, native to arid regions of WA.
Sin embargo, a pesar de haber reforzado esta magistratura, no se logra contrarrestar los problemas sociales y la escasez, esto hace que en el ano 22 Augusto tome las riendas de la cura annonae, asi en Res gestae divi Augusti 5.2 senala que: Non recusavi in summa frumenti penuria curationem annonae, quam ita administravi, ut intra paucos dies metu et periclo praesenti populum universum liberarem impensa et cura mea.
Bunn (2005), observed efficiency of 73% on Eucalyptus impensa micro-cutting rootings when the explants were subjected to a combination of 0.45 mg [L.sup.-1] NAA and 0.058 mg [L.sup.-1] IBA.
Annos undeviginti natus exercitum privato consilio et privata impensa comparavi, per quem rem publicam [a do]minatione factionis oppressam in libertatem vindica[vi.
X Tupiperla eleonorae Froehlich X Tupiperla flintiFroehlich X Tupiperla gracilis Burmeister X X Familia Perlidae Anacroneuria ampla Jewett X Anacroneuria cathia Froehlich X Anacroneuria subcostalis Klapalek X Anacroneuria badilinea Jewett X Anacroneuria coscaroni Froehlich X Anacroneuria debilis Pictet X Anacroneuria fuscicosta Enderlein X Anacroneuria impensa Jewett X Anacroneuria stanjewettiFroehlich X Anacroneuria trimacula Jewett X Anacroneuria oculatila Jewett X Anacroneuria novateutonia Jewett X Anacroneuria plaumanni Jewett X Anacroneuria polita Burmesteir X X Anacroneuria sp.
Chapter four, "Labor, Impensa, Emolumentun," focuses upon publishing operations from the publishers' perspective, especially in the face of financial exigencies: "for commercial publishers, their everyday existence was a struggle to keep or improve their place in the market, to deal with labour relations, and to acquire the necessary raw materials in spite of the problems of cash flow which bedeviled the industry" (p.
* BUNN, E., Development of in vitro methods for ex situ conservation of Eucalyptus impensa, an endangered mallee from southwest Western Australia.
Et cucurbitas supra scriptas non plene coctas ex ea impensa imples, de tessella sua recludis, surclas et coctas eximes et frigis.
impensa, shoot segments incubated on a medium supplemented with 0.25 mM BAP and 2.5 mM kinetin produced more healthy shoots and overall shoot quality was better than observed for BAP used alone (Bunn, 2005).
(61.) "Annos undeviginiti natus exercitum privato consilio et privata impensa comparavi, per quem rem publicam a dominatione factionis oppressam in libertatem vindicavi" ["At the age of nineteen on my own responsibility and at my own expense I raised an army, with which I successfully championed the liberty of the republic when it was oppressed by the tyranny of a faction"].
/ et Venus in silvis iungebat corpora amantum, / conciliabat enim vel mutua quamque cupido / vel violenta viri vis atque impensa libido / vel pretium, glandes atque arbita vel pira lecta."
Dominici de Lecco] Secunda namque abbatialum sui electione claustri magni intelcolumnia in dextera ingressus monasterii parte posita, quae occidentalem respiciunt plagam, eo auctore, mira et arte et impensa a celeberrimis pictoribus depincta fuere, el reliqua claustri intercolumnia simili opere exornasset; nisi pictorum necessitatus obstitisset discessus.