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Thus the imperative speech acts of particular interest because it is a linguistic phenomenon that has very significant communicative functions.
We have ample evidence from the World Bank Group and others showing that we can now end extreme poverty within fifteen years," the Moral Imperative statement notes.
Without waiting for an answer, I offered the thought that stewardship is a perfect example of a moral imperative because taking care of our resources is the right thing to do.
Established in 2007, Imperative Energy has concluded more than 70 biomass installations totalling more than 40 MW in energy capacity, with an additional 10 projects at present under construction.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 17, 2014-Bastei Luebbe, Imperative Entertainment unveil JV
Opportunities for growth through mobile devices are yet to be realised, said an expert, adding that while 'digital' continues to overhaul the way we do business, mobile has become a business imperative.
In this paper, we study the use of a special type of interrogative containing imperative marking (II) in the Estonian subdialect Kihnu (spoken on Kihnu Island, belonging to the Insular dialect), in standard and colloquial Latvian and in the Kuronian dialect of Livonian.
Douglas Francis, The Technological Imperative in Canada: An Intellectual History (Vancouver: UBC Press 2009)
Douglas Francis, a University of Calgary Canadian historian, has done us all a great service in his most recent book, The Technological Imperative in Canada: An Intellectual History.
Recently, the idea that every hypothetical imperative must somehow be "backed up" by a prior categorical imperative has gained a certain influence among Kant's interpreters and ethicists influenced by Kant.
There are helpful discussions of the formulations of the categorical imperative and how they relate to each other, the four examples of duties, worries about prudential reasoning in Kant and about rigorism, analytic and synthetic method, and more.