imperative duty

References in classic literature ?
Her return to me, under these circumstances, was simply a question of time: any duty which she had once undertaken was an imperative duty in her estimation, no matter how trifling it might be.
'The CHAIRMAN felt it his imperative duty to demand of the honourable gentleman, whether he had used the expression which had just escaped him in a common sense.
Not a rifleman in those crouching ranks, not a cannoneer at those masked and shotted guns, but knows the needs of the situation, the imperative duty of forbearance.
"I am never happy when I have a duty left to accomplish, and it is an imperative duty which the king your father left me to watch over your fortunes, and make a royal use of his money.
"It therefore becomes our imperative duty as lawmakers to ensure that the benefits we derive from this technology should be used properly and not abused by some segments of our society," he added.
Courts have noted the NYAG's "imperative duty" to proceed under Section 63(12) against persons or entities "engaged in practices in which duplicity was the keynote and fraud the keystone of a commercial enterprise designed to pillage the public" (In re State ex rel.
"In order to prevent an arms race and the increase of inequalities and instability, it is an imperative duty to act promptly: Now is the time to prevent LAWS from becoming the reality of tomorrow's warfare," he said.
It was the imperative duty of the Cambodian government to prevent history from repeating itself.
By KWAMCHETSI MAKOKHACourts, and the judges who preside over them, need to recognise national security supersedes any law they uphold or orders they can make.Given a choice between responding to petulant summons to appear in court over matters that have been overtaken by events and the emergency of dispatching hot samosas at a national security council meeting, the more urgent and imperative duty is obvious.
It now becomes the imperative duty, obligation and responsibility of His Excellency, The President, Maithripala Sirisena, as well the Honourable Prime Minister, Mr.
Minister of Finance Hany Kadry Dimian stressed that the voting is an "imperative duty on every citizens towards a great nation [Egypt]".
HRH Prime Minister: The Gulf Union has become an imperative duty.