imperative request

See: demand
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I shall have the honour of visiting you and paying you my respects at your lodgings not later than to-morrow evening at eight o'clock precisely, and herewith I venture to present my earnest and, I may add, imperative request that Rodion Romanovitch may not be present at our interview--as he offered me a gross and unprecedented affront on the occasion of my visit to him in his illness yesterday, and, moreover, since I desire from you personally an indispensable and circumstantial explanation upon a certain point, in regard to which I wish to learn your own interpretation.
While the greatest percentage of direct request strategies occurred with emails representing the first written correspondence about a topic that had already been discussed (77%), this category also included the smallest percentage of the imperative request strategy (27%), as compared to 36%, 41%, and 39% for the other categories.
Although the predominance of the imperative in the dataset was initially surprising, closer examination revealed that the imperative requests were not always as direct as the strategy seemed to suggest.