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Current world situation imperatively calls for proactive changes.
Imperatively, though, their collective message to all of us is that beauty is about being yourself.
I am in complete agreement, too, on the substance of two of these "core principles:" the scientific method (and, consequently, an entire discarding of anything supernatural), and a "deep-seated compassion for humankind:" These are both imperatively linked to any conception of a good society.
The Member States must imperatively waive harmonised excise duties on mineral oils for products falling within CN code 2710, in particular lubricating oils, where they are used other than as fuels.
Technical value of the offer (attach imperatively a technical note as described in section ix - conditions of participation of the consultation rules) and a cartographic sample for lot no3 70% -
imperatively this afternoon allow access by observers to Homs, where violence
s emphasised that this "coalition for progress", open to "all states wishing to get on the train", must imperatively be extended to the economic and social field and apply to economic governance.
To remain Prime Minister, Habib Essid must imperatively get 109 votes.
France renews its call on the government of Sudan so that it imperatively