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Imperatives that uses amar fi'il structure and fi'il nahyi have meaning and illocutionary locutions.
begins by analyzing the creative contributions to the theory of imperatives and norms provided by Polish researchers during the 20th century, then summarizes their reflections and considerations.
Insights from 'The Impact of Digital on Growth Strategies: CMO Imperatives for 2012' and 'More than A Marketing Channel', 'CMOs and The Mobile Imperative', unveiled that CMOs feel that understanding mobile behaviour and applying it across other platforms results in marketing success.
Diana Rivenburgh, the author of “The New Corporate Facts of Life,” serves as President and CEO of Strategic Imperatives, Inc.
The Strategic Imperatives set the course for WNA's activities for the next two years.
The thinkers in Francis's book are Canadian, their thoughts forming an intellectual history that envelopes the country like Teilhard de Chardin's nous, because Canadians--as a factor of where they live, and on what they live, and of the past they have lived and beside whom they live--feel deeply the tension between the moral and technological imperatives like a constant itch at the base of their tailbones.
The situation is similar in Latvian (example 2), where the only formal means used to encode third person imperatives, the hortative particle lai + finite form of the verb, is employed in the interrogative sentence.
Some thinkers saw these two imperatives as complementary, while others were skeptical of their co-existence and warned of the inherent peril of the technological imperative.
Do Hypothetical Imperatives Require Categorical Imperatives?
In Chapter 4, Sedgwick offers an account of categorical and hypothetical imperatives that seems to lose sight of the essential difference between the two kinds of imperatives.
Let me outline nine imperatives to achieve harmony among civilizations: