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The peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) values of the watermarked images (which is the measure of imperceptibility) are given with them.
Obviously, the difference between the original audio and the stego audio is very tiny, which also means that the imperceptibility of the proposed method is satisfying.
Basic Ideas and Theoretical Deduction to Enhance Robustness Respecting to Imperceptibility. In the following, basic ideas to achieve robustness are explained.
It is computationally complex, but the robustness, imperceptibility is achieved.
Imperceptibility performance of the stego-image: Five different secret images were embedded in four different cover images to evaluate stego image quality.
Another main challenge is trading off capacity, imperceptibility, and robustness.
Cryptography, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), embedding strength factors, hiding capacity, imperceptibility, robustness, security, steganography, wavelet fusion.
Weiser's vision was for the presence of computing to recede to a point of near imperceptibility, whereby it helps the user almost without the user knowing it; and advances in sensor, location, semantic, and predictive technologies are rapidly helping to turn this fantasy into reality.
A model for enhanced robustness and security of DFT based watermarking scheme is also proposed which can be further investigated for fulfillment of robustness, security and imperceptibility requirements.
Data hiding mechanism provides imperceptibility and robustness.
of flight, acquiring social imperceptibility. Strangely paradoxical, Don
(14) In passages like this, Austen's distinctively ironizing dialectic of character and narrator thins to imperceptibility. Keyed to the aesthetics of the sublime, the syntax evokes the flow of perception through asyndeton, parenthetical interjections, and the dissociation of "persons" from "voices." We seem, in other words, to be most firmly located "inside Anne's head" just as the shell of her consciousness is in greatest danger of cracking open.