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The least-correlated elements are chosen for watermark embedding to improve imperceptibility and that is enhanced extremely as evident from results in Section V.
It was noticeable that both the imperceptibility and payload achieved was better for the proposed scheme and all stego images satisfied the minimum imperceptibility benchmark.
Imperceptibility means that the human eyes cannot distinguish if there is data or information hidden in the image.
Imperceptibility refers to the quality of watermarked media as noticed visually.
The method focuses on imperceptibility and detectability of tampered images used for authentication.
However, this would sacrifice the imperceptibility [15],[4].
Not only does Deleuze propose a perpetual process of creation but he conceives pleasure as personal, and therefore, disallowing the imperceptibility of nonindividual becomings or of life on planes of immanence.
Indeed, this imperceptibility of tendencies is precisely what informs a fundamental tenet of regularity theories and their various treatments of the problem of natural necessity.
This imperceptibility was also referenced by the qualitative data generated by the music teachers.
He added: "The primary advantage of a steady, consistent rate of low inflation to the economy in general is, of course, the relative imperceptibility of price rises; yet this can be a double-edged sword for certain businesses that suffer a subtle price drift and lowering of margins as a result.
In the current work, algorithm used middle frequency LH and HL for embedding the watermark due to its offering acceptable performance of imperceptibility and resulted robustness is satisfactory [7].
If the magic of the commodity lies in the imperceptibility of its transmutations and its value in the promise of future exchange, the structuring interval at the heart of "Drive-In" offered another calculus of effects.