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Palabras claves: Autor, construccion autorial, figura del autor, poeta, devenir, espacio, linea de fuga, desterritorializacion, devenir imperceptible, afuera, huella, literatura menor, poesia larica, lar.
According to Phil Cunningham, director of Chassis Product Planning, the regenerative function will be imperceptible to the vehicle operator.
Today, more than 80 percent of the school's 1,500 students are meeting state goals and the gap between white and African-American students in the mostly minority district has narrowed to the point where in some subject areas it is virtually imperceptible.
And this brings me to another point: The obscure and the occult are almost synonymous with one another, sharing a sense of the dark, of the secret and mysterious, the hidden and imperceptible.
Speed variations from temperature changes are rendered imperceptible by the use of constant-viscosity silicon fluid instead of hydraulic oil.
accounts for an almost imperceptible fraction of U.
In the March 4th Science the team reports that this nearby spiral galaxy moves at an almost imperceptible 30 microarcseconds per year, with a total velocity of about 190 kilometers per second relative to the Milky Way.
There slinks into the culture an almost imperceptible assumption that the institution knows all the answers (or it would not have become an institution), will always receive business and is entitled to more for what it has accomplished.
At the end of the Middle Ages, the music theorist was principally concerned with relations between musical and other forms of harmony and proportion, often imperceptible to living ears.
In spite of the shared misery and monochrome prison garb, they are not uniformly anonymous; some faces can be deciphered, particularly the one in the center, whose blond hair is lighted by an imperceptible sun's ray.
It detects and analyses thousands of tiny facial movements, many imperceptible to the naked eye.