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This disturbance travels outward as a gravitational wave that imperceptibly jostles any objects in its path.
In Susie Rosmarin's exhausting (and strangely exhilarating) Static Study #45, 1998 - made by an endlessly repeated process of taping and painting, taping and painting, to create hundreds of "clean" lines - the combination of the painting's large scale, its minute detail, and unavoidable minor errors (despite the overarching regularity of her procedure) makes her tight grid buckle and wobble, slightly, almost imperceptibly, at first, then more intensively, as the eye grapples for an order that remains elusive.
Death pads into the room as imperceptibly as the water turns cold.
Among them were a beautiful glyphlike shaped wood relief from 1965, another letter-form dyed canvas hanging from 1967, an octagonal paper piece almost imperceptibly adhered to the wall with wheat paste from 1970, and a small, ankle-high, wall-hugging plywood slat, painted white along one edge, from 1974.
More than anything, the exhibition seemed bent on contesting stereotypes engendered by standard, art-world discourse on the "Other." To this end, Basualdo staged an event in which what is Northern and what is Southern, what is center and what is margin merged imperceptibly across a fault line best described by the lines from Venezuelan poet Rafael Cadenas cited in the catalogue essay: "In the mirror where you look at yourself/ there is no one." Thus, for Basualdo, the mirror possesses the power to conspire against the viewer, by at once summoning and withholding, seducing and defeating, in short toying with our desire for the most comforting of images - our own.
Even the extensive wall labels at the Louisiana tended to play slyly and almost imperceptibly with their own authority, vacillating between the persona of "curator" and that of "artist," their often rather ethnographic tone seeming to take liberties with the viewer's interpretive autonomy.
"Each time we worked, everything changed, immeasurably and sometimes imperceptibly," Horn says in a very brief afterword (she is an excellent writer, and formidably precise, as is clear in the longer texts of To Place: Pooling Waters).
The Holy Spirit blows gently, almost imperceptibly. But His breath is effective if it meets a heart that is docile and receptive.
He also experienced a slowing down and a shortness of breath that came on almost imperceptibly.
But whilst the good seed, in spite of even the stiffest obstruction and opposition, proliferates, flourishes, and transcends itself in quality, through aeons of time, the bad seed, in spite of the most generous encouragement, tends, through time, though sometimes imperceptibly, to diminish in quantity and degenerate in quality until suddenly it suffers total extinction.
Seemingly oblivious to the noise around him, he slowly made his way forward, nodding almost imperceptibly at the few people who made eye contact.
And when the sun shines you'll be at the wheel of the best driving small family hatchback you can buy - its imperceptibly higher stance not affecting the new Fiesta's delicious zest for life one little bit.