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Her beauty was not of that elusive type which steals imperceptibly into the vision of the rare connoisseur.
Imperceptibly my candles became the only incongruous part of the morning, the dark places in my room all melted away, and the day shone bright upon a cheerful landscape, prominent in which the old Abbey Church, with its massive tower, threw a softer train of shadow on the view than seemed compatible with its rugged character.
Then two years more went by, or perhaps three, for time passes imperceptibly in Tahiti, and it is hard to keep count of it; but at last a message was brought to Dr.
Coictier tried to grin, shrugged his shoulders imperceptibly, and repeated in a low voice,--
But again, amidst the incontrovertible facts just recorded, one more, equally significant, rose up to confront the family; and this was, that the eldest daughter, Alexandra, had imperceptibly arrived at her twenty-fifth birthday.
The universal experience of ages, showing that children do grow imperceptibly from the cradle to manhood, did not exist for the countess.
At first it was what they were to do when they were wrecked, but imperceptibly it became what they had done.
So imperceptibly had it grown since those three horrid days in Ithaca just prior to their departure for what was to have been but a few months' cruise that she had not until now comprehended that the old relations of open, good-fellowship had gone, possibly forever.
she murmured, moving imperceptibly a little nearer towards him.
Slowly the gray light came stealing through the gloom, imperceptibly at first, so that it was almost with surprise that they noticed the vague loom of the trail underfoot.
Almost imperceptibly the eyes settled into a watching that was like to the stony stare of a sphinx across aching and eternal desert sands.
Rook's letter glided imperceptibly from respectful sympathy to modest regard for her own interests in the future.