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As you pull through the shot with your back muscles, the pressure your thumb applies to the trigger will increase imperceptibly until the release fires by surprise.
Belle (Nao Sakuma) swirls about the stage almost imperceptibly like a wisp of morning mist, while Iain Mackay's Beast is a tortured and anguished soul.
Implicitly imprisoned within its protag's consciousness, the pic's purview widens almost imperceptibly as she is reluctantly drawn back into the world of the living.
First she's named as a 'cankle' owner - that's the bit at the end of your leg where, if you're unlucky, your calf bleeds imperceptibly into your ankle to form one unflattering mass.
The third is concerned with knowledge of material bodies, particularly the justification of claims about imperceptibly small or distant bodies.
Yes, there were lots of treats - but Canada as a whole will suffer, slowly and almost imperceptibly, because we'll have been tricked into believing that a blizzard of small gifts equates to bona fide leadership.
It was a change that began imperceptibly, altering little things, seeming in Elgar's eyes to spread out like rising damp from one central spot.
The performance of a shock absorber deteriorates gradually and imperceptibly over time.
According to the company, iPEP manages site access by prioritising visitors into different levels, providing faster access for high priority visitors and imperceptibly slowing access for lower priority visitors.
More often, however, change tends to be evolutionary--proceeding subtly, discreetly, even, at times, imperceptibly.
A weed from Catholic Europe, it took root Between the yellow mountains and the sea, And bore these gay stone houses like a fruit, And grew on China imperceptibly.
Entertainment gives way imperceptibly to the tutoring mode.