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The passage Lidia undergoes from evasion of reality to a rediscovery of her own city finds a suggestive parallel in Agnes Varda's contemporary Cleo de 5 a 7 (1961) where the fear of terminal disease brings the imperceptive and materialistic Cleo from window shopping and masquerade to flanerie and objectification.
Any visitor to or citizen of Edinburgh grasps the riddle of past and future as certain as that rooftop cat and as imperceptive as the passage of time itself in the mind of Professor Geddes.
Having enjoyed enormous prosperity from the imperceptive punditry pioneered by Rush Limbaugh and perfected by Fox News, the profitable ecosphere of right-wing media is beginning to crack at the seams.
Of the latter, Erica Jong notes, for example, that "As Brooklyn recedes it gets sunnier and sunnier" (319) (4), while Earl Rovit less charitably refers to the trilogy's "washed-out form," (2217) and Widmer lambastes the books as "three tritely written and imperceptive little volumes" that offer a "flatter retelling" of earlier stories (93).
Parents who are emotionally available and provide prompt, sensitive and appropriate responses to infant cues facilitate a secure or high quality type of attachment, whereas parents who are emotionally unavailable, imperceptive and provide inconsistent, insensitive, rare, intrusive or inadequate responses facilitate insecure types of attachment (Boris, Aoki, & Zeanah, 1999; Steele, Steele, & Croft, 2008; Ziv, Aviezer, Gini, Sagi, & Koren-Karie, 2000).
To the imperceptive mind, however, their function as democratic pedagogy is easily overshadowed by their practical utility or entertainment value.
The terminal viewpoint account of the l-participle fits in with its structural characteristics in Croatian, other Croatian verbal forms (the Aorist and the n-participle), structural cross-Slavic evidence, semantic cross-Slavic evidence (the use of the l-participle as renarrative in Macedonian and imperceptive in Bulgarian) and diachronic evidence, all of which we will briefly touch upon in the discussion.
Turning to the stylistic merits of the Time Machine segments--and not just their proclaimed obtrusiveness as excessively flashy, overly documentary, philosophically deterministic baggage for an effective war novel and campaign narrative--critics have been imperceptive.
Again, her imperceptive, brutish nature is established; in Kennedy's narration, Amy operates solely on base instinct, her attraction and repulsion both equally strong and lacking in self-awareness.
For some imperceptive reason you seem more positive.
But James, 'having been denied baptism by my parents, marriage by obtuse and imperceptive man,' is determined 'to assist myself at this first and last ceremony' (216).
What makes the malaise all the more alarming is the visceral, imperceptive character of much of the response to it.