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1) Imperfection levels (initial eccentric deformation): 0, H/100, H/500, and H/100,000.
The imperfections in the skin are determined by first finding the texture of the image.
The modal characteristics of cylindrical composite structure were obtained before and after the imperfections table (3).
Coming from locations across the discipline--graduate student to emeritus professor--and outside of it, the papers consider how we see ourselves in relation to imperfection or imperfection in relation to us.
However, the "Mederma Wear Your Skin Proudly" survey found that 44% of women felt that improving the appearance of their skin imperfections, such as scars and stretch marks, would help improve their over-all see-confidence.
the random imperfection mode method (Yamada 2001), the consistent imperfection mode method (Chen, Shen 1993).
Appendix A is ECA of the allowable weld imperfection sizes based on fracture mechanics analysis and fitness-for-purpose criteria.
Nor must the imperfection be a monetary cost: We sometimes must stand in line to pay a lower price.
Instead, our imperfections point us in the direction of our humanity and spirituality, and our shortcomings represent opportunities to learn and to "get better.
The amendments also add to the schedule of imperfections used in grading exchange coffees, a new provision that "ten (10) bored beans" shall be counted as one (1) full imperfection.
All the same, a little more imperfection can be too much for others.
Figures 1a and b show micrographs of an imperfection.