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IMPERFECT. That which is incomplete.
     2. This term is applied to rights and obligations. A man has a right to be relieved by his fellow-creatures, when in distress; but this right he cannot enforce by law; hence it is called an imperfect right. On the other hand, we are bound to be grateful for favors received, but we cannot be compelled to perform such imperfect obligations. Vide Poth. Ob. arc. Preliminaire; Vattel, Dr. des Gens, Prel. notes, Sec. 17; and Obligations.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Skoble leaves this argument untouched, simply claiming that "imperfect protection is still better than no protection." He here assumes what needs to be proved, namely that tenure promotes the good, albeit imperfectly. In my essay, I show why it does not.
This is because, whilst the former has evolved, the latter has been engineered, however imperfectly.
Bremmer shared, "It's better to do something imperfectly than do nothing flawlessly, so the responsibility to educate consumers and legislators lies with all of us." Attendees left feeling inspired and assured that this election isn't the end for agriculture.
The replacements for Silver and Skelos are still new and imperfectly schooled in Albany's dark ways.
As Gil Weinreich, former editor-in-chief of our sister publication Research magazine, wrote in that magazine's September issue, the Greek philosopher defined three types of philia (imperfectly translated as love) between people:
But it could work imperfectly on bankers' incentives if they believe it could be triggered when their bank suffers large losses, even if they have conducted appropriate risk management and so making them excessively risk averse.
The company's first waste specialist, Cummings tackles the problem on three fronts from her Portland home office: in the kitchen (promoting stem-to-root, snout-to-tail cooking), at the table (reducing discarded food and getting leftovers to the needy), and on the farm (using blemished fruits and veggies via a program called Imperfectly Delicious Produce).
Hall, who each put their personal stamp on Hedwig, the (imperfectly transformed) transgendered woman who rocks and rages through a concert version of her extraordinary life.
Ledo and Boer present a Spanish translation of Dutch polymath Erasmus' Encomiun Moriae that a Portuguese scribe around the middle of the 17th century seems to have copied imperfectly from a previous 16th-century translation.
"Housing associations are the best-equipped vehicles to answer that need, yet what they do (and why they do it) is imperfectly understood, both by the public and politicians.
However, it said: "It is very difficult to prove anything definitive based on imperfectly operated paper records system at 30 years remove."