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IMPERFECT. That which is incomplete.
     2. This term is applied to rights and obligations. A man has a right to be relieved by his fellow-creatures, when in distress; but this right he cannot enforce by law; hence it is called an imperfect right. On the other hand, we are bound to be grateful for favors received, but we cannot be compelled to perform such imperfect obligations. Vide Poth. Ob. arc. Preliminaire; Vattel, Dr. des Gens, Prel. notes, Sec. 17; and Obligations.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This study considers the imperfectness of the comparison matrix with weight or comparison possibility and correspondingly assumes approximation relation R.
Due to the imperfectness of wastewater network, most agricultural wastewater could not be collected into wastewater treatment plants.
With the Right view the see the imperfectness of our nature and that around us.
He is nothing like the "healthy, solid citizen" exemplified by Jim O'Connor in The Glass Menagerie (1945) or Roger Doremus in Summer and Smoke--although the imperfectness of these examples attests to Williams's skepticism about the category that Simon blithely posits.
In all three, the anxiety of being is coupled with the anticipation and imperfectness of man's knowledge of a changing world that presents a new, challenging dynamic of political ideation and capitalist-cultural-metatechnologies that outmanuver the will and action of the American male self.
Tolkien's is the larger vision, with room even for valorizing pagan ideals (with due allowance for their imperfectness) and for final joy.
During the interaction, the wizard generated random errors (with probability of 15 %) to emulate the imperfectness of an ASR module.
The national GNSS networks such as Polish ASG-EUPOS give the opportunity to investigate the spatial distributions of deformational-related phenomena, despite its imperfectness in antenna's fixing (mostly at the high buildings).
From Donnan's perspective, this failed to inform students of the place for individual agency, which from her perspective resided in the inherent imperfectness of democratic society.
All is perfect things have some imperfectness and mediocrity in them at some degree.
Imperfectness of the signal means that receiving information pointing in the direction of decision A gives only [q.sub.i] certainty that the true state of the economy is a.
It leads me to reconstruct my life, to plan differently, to accept the imperfectness of life.