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The bundles in palm stems contain a xylary dimorphism: imperforate early metaxylem tracheary elements (= tracheids) combined with wide late metaxylem vessels.
The occurrence of large number of porcelaneous imperforate foraminiferal tests may point to the depositional environment being slightly hyper-saline [65].
Among developmental abnormalities of the vagina, imperforate hymen is usually asymptomatic until a child reaches menarche, he said.
However, the exterior is (necessarily) largely imperforate, its severity tempered by rune-like images printed on the concrete panels.
In up to 50% of the cases, it is associated with other congenital anomalies, including Down syndrome (30%), (2) tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia, imperforate anus, and Hirschsprung's disease.
It is therefore important to look on the fetal MRI for additional lesions, such as an omphalocele, a cloacal bladder exstrophy, an imperforate anus, and nonspecific pelvic and renal abnormalities, according to Dr.
He was also the first to describe the distinctive imperforate cells with annular and helical thickenings (= wide-band tracheids) that distinguish the secondary xylem of many globose species of Cactoideae.
The proofs and imperforate issues throughout the auction sold at levels well above their pre-sale estimates.
Their external treatment is very different, with the orthogonal block more massive and imperforate, and the serpentine prow clad in a layered, lightweight skin of glass and louvres.
Microperforated hymens often resemble imperforate hymens but will open with time and estrogen secretion.
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