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Omphalocoele is frequently seen in the context of congenital syndromes, with multiple associated anomalies, such as Beckwith Wiedemann syndrome, cloacal exstrophy, OEIS complex (Omphalocoele, exstrophy, and imperforated anus, spinal), Cantrells pentalogy and trisomies.
This observation contrasts with the more classic interpretation for miliolids, reportedly intolerant to oxygen deficient conditions due to their imperforated shells, which impede efficient gas exchange with the water (e.
Differential diagnosis must be conducted with other reasons of amenorrhea primaria (6) that deal with sexual secondary normal characters; the most frequent being: gonadal dysgenesis, androgen insensibility, agenesis of vagina and uterus, vaginal transverse septum, and imperforated hymen.