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IMPERIUM. The right to command, which includes the right to employ the force of the state to enforce the laws; this is one of the principal attributes of the power of the executive. 1 Toull. n. 58.

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The company added that the one-off effect is non-cash and will not affect the operating result from continuing operations of Pironet NDH AG, as Imperia AG is classified as "discontinued operation" according to IFRS.
In 1915, architect J Newton Fatkin prepared plans to add a dress circle and increase the capacity and, in 1923, the Imperia Cinema was born.
The eligible applicants will be selected on the basis of their performance in the Program Aptitude Test (PAT) conducted by NIIT Imperia and assessment of their background and motivation based on the application form submitted.
Supply, installation and commissioning of the projection system, the projection dome, the seating system and related equipment for the Planetarium of Imperia.
The lawsuit joins as a party plaintiff, Imperia Entertainment, Inc.
Address : Mministrazione Provinciale di Imperia Stazione Unica Appaltante per conto del Comune di Taggia
Imperia currently has several films in production, including 'Never Submit' a film about mixed martial arts, and 'Say It in Russian' starring Faye Dunaway.
Affidamento del servizio di accoglienza di cittadini stranieri extracomunitari richiedenti protezione internazionale nel territorio della Provincia di Imperia presso strutture individuate dall~affidatario CIG 6586445A59.
Kenneth Eade, Imperia Chairman and Executive Producer of 'Never Submit,' comments, "Imperia will be using a combination of champion UFC, Pride FC and other associations' fighters in conjunction with professional actors in 'Never Submit.
Imperia will cast a combination of name actors and champion fighters for "Never Submit.
Implementing agency : Comune di Imperia Settore Urbanistica LL.