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Ferguson feared a parallel degeneration in Britain though not primarily by political revolution, but by the triumph of commercial interest which would further the push for imperialism, leave military power inadequately regulated and obfuscate the legitimate path for pursuing the public welfare.
Kashmir Solidarity Day inspires the people of the valley to continue their freedom movement against Indian imperialism till final victory.
Colonial imperialism (Type II) is a far cry from hegemonic imperialism.
This new "liberal imperialism" not only distinguished itself from its early modern predecessors, but advanced a new kind of "empire" as the indispensible vehicle for resolving the problems that the earlier predatory imperialism had wrought.
This double standard of the American Imperialism, CIA, Army, ISI, Musharraf and current rulers have resulted a countless suicidal attacks on security and army forces and eventually the daughter of the east were firstly trapped by the troika of Musharraf, Army and America to fight the 'War of Terror' and eventually she lost her life and secondly now another Bravo Pukhtoon son Bashir Bilour lost his life too.
Synthesizing a number of perspectives, including Marx's theory of capital, Foucault's biopolitics, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's critique of capitalism, Japanese modernist discourse of erotic-grotesque (ero-guro), Tanabe Hajime's absolute dialectics, and the bio-philosophy of Minakata Kumagusu, he argues that Japanese imperialism was characterized by a central, unresolvable struggle between two forces: the erotic--"the vital productivity of desire"--and the grotesque--"the violent usurpation of this desire by hegemonic power" (Marx's "capital").
Such a conjuncture set the stage for a new wave of imperialism (though the reluctance to use the word remained).
No essay, for example, delves into the intellectual lineages of British imperialism before the early eighteenth century.
He also emphasized cooperation between Iran and Bolivia to resist imperialism adding that close relationship between independent countries could reduce their vulnerability.
Throughout Europe attitudes to racism and imperialism have changed since Victorian times.
July 31, 2008 (KIGALI) — Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Thursday dismissed the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a new form of imperialism created by the West to control the world's poorest countries.
A Worthy Muslim: Quranic Tools Needed to Overcome Oppression and Imperialism in Order to Institute Justice" is a treatise written by author Amir Makin, preaching that the solutions to the problems that the Muslim world experiences can be repaired--if Muslims would only look more closely at what the Quran truly states.