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CastroLet us end imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism,' he said.
One way of approaching the demystification of the Age of Empire is to take a revisionist look at the role that literary fictions have played in nurturing "the sentiment, rationale, and above all the imagination of empire" (Said, Culture and Imperialism 12) and in helping to create "imperialism's consolidating vision" (288).
Colonial imperialism (Type II) is a far cry from hegemonic imperialism.
This new "liberal imperialism" not only distinguished itself from its early modern predecessors, but advanced a new kind of "empire" as the indispensible vehicle for resolving the problems that the earlier predatory imperialism had wrought.
Part I examines Japanese imperialism in its biopolitical form in the first two decades of colonizing Taiwan, Korea, and Manchuria.
Cliff expounded that the Arab feudal and semi-capitalist leaders desired a partnership with British imperialism in an effort to block the objective capitalist development of a working class which threatened their own destruction (Rock 1938b, 1945, 1947).
As Edward Said has pointed out, Western imperialism was possible because Europeans and Americans "could be there" in Asia and Africa and the latter could do little to resist it.
Such a conjuncture set the stage for a new wave of imperialism (though the reluctance to use the word remained).
No essay, for example, delves into the intellectual lineages of British imperialism before the early eighteenth century.
Its virtues far outweigh its faults, however, as it offers a sweeping and convincing account of the intrinsic relation between Realism and imperialism in a study that is nicely balanced between close textual analysis and a broad literary-historical context.
He also emphasized cooperation between Iran and Bolivia to resist imperialism adding that close relationship between independent countries could reduce their vulnerability.
Throughout Europe attitudes to racism and imperialism have changed since Victorian times.