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I think the diagnosis of Canada as currently imperialist would be stronger if the book made clearer when it became so.
Ahmadi-nejad's picture of Western imperialists pillaging the wealth of the rest of the world was nothing new for him.
3 million "Chinese Peoples Volunteers"--and forced the Imperialist Yankees to kneel down in surrender.
In the second part of his presentation Ramadani argued that great caution needs to be exercised when supporting the argument that it is acceptable for the imperialist powers to intervene where there is a humanitarian threat and the likelihood of a massacre or genocide - regardless of what happened in the past.
It is not surprising that To the Coral Strand displays attitudes that contradict the politics of imperialist nostalgia, since the predominant feeling that motivates Masters's works is the sense of pride he felt for his empire.
In the modern capitalist era, the ideologies of imperialist rulers vary over time, from the early appeals to "the right" to wealth, power, colonies and grandeur to later claims of a 'civilizing mission'.
For the past six months, the bank transactions between India and Iran too have been remaining blocked under the strategy of the American imperialists," he said, adding that "Our country was yet to make any payment for the oil resources it purchased from Iran for the last six months.
And it did not go unnoticed in the Third World that the so-called 'free world' consisted by and large of North Atlantic imperialist powers.
Anti-West, anti-US sentiment remains strong to this day, AKEL having cleverly blamed all Cyprus' woes on the evil, imperialist forces of the West.
Zionist imperialist offensive against the Arabs," Beirut's leading leftist daily AS SAFIR reported.
Pakistan, July 14 -- The ongoing terrorist attacks in Pakistan reflect the dark consequences of our Islamic republic's official support for imperialist causes in the 1980s.