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The wicked Japanese imperialists committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time.
Today, Australia has become a beachhead for the USA's imperialist interests in Asia with USA combat troops based in the Northern Territory.
Countries divide in two groups, some of the stronger countries based on their cost function is called imperialist and the rest of them are categorized as colonies.
He reviewed the universal conspiracy which targets the Syrian state and people, pointing out that imperialist states such as US, Turkish government, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are partners in it, stressing the involvement of the Turkish regime's head Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Justice and Development Government in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria.
Pursuing assimilation policy, the imperialist states tried to absorb their colonies and make them a part of themselves.
History shows French and British imperialists carved up the middle East after their "war to end all wars"; however, no account was taken of tribal, religious or national divisions.
And imperialists have always tried their utmost to prevent other nations from achieving their interests," Ahmadi-nejad said on his final Wednesday in office during his last visit to southern Persian Gulf port of Asaluyeh.
The current imperialist powers that want to intervene today are the former colonial powers.
It is not surprising that To the Coral Strand displays attitudes that contradict the politics of imperialist nostalgia, since the predominant feeling that motivates Masters's works is the sense of pride he felt for his empire.
In the modern capitalist era, the ideologies of imperialist rulers vary over time, from the early appeals to "the right" to wealth, power, colonies and grandeur to later claims of a 'civilizing mission'.
British imperialist policy on Jewish immigration and colonization was thus duplicitous.
All the Arabian countries are now facing threats against their nationalism as fundamentalists -- sponsored by the imperialist forces -- make inroads into their regime to hijack Arab democratic aspirations," he said.