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The swamp waters in this novel do not destroy life, but the marshlands of Sendal and the Tecali swamp are the sorry habitations of the politically inept and the imperially displaced.
Yuzhi Lulu zhengyi houbian ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), or The Sequel to the Imperially Commissioned Proper Meaning of the Pitch Pipes (hereafter the Sequel), was commissioned by Qianlong ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1711-1799, r.
The novel's plot--which revolves around some stolen bills whose disappearance threatens to bankrupt the Highlands--is a case in point: Jacobitism is represented, not as the expression of archaic clan loyalties, but as a local articulation of modern, imperially determined fluctuations of credit.
Using this study in contrast as a starting point, Hughes interrogates a variety of fictional projections of masculinity, including the patriarchal and "hegemonic masculinity marked by violence, secrecy and silence" (121), and also by limiting "faultlines" (121); the conflicted "Colonial-Oedipal reading of masculinity by reference to the personification of Ireland as female and of England as imperially male" (123), and the Jimmy Sr.
122) An imperially inscribed "Tai Shang Huang Di" white jade seal sold for $5.
Nem sequer por do me acolhes, Not even for pity's sake you welcome me, Minha imperialmente linda My imperially beautiful Civilizacao christa
In the Timaeus, Critias celebrates the Athenians of a forgotten age for their victory over the imperially ambitious inhabitants of Atlantis, the island that--during earthquakes and floods that also destroyed the Athenians of that era--disappeared beneath the sea overnight (Jowett, Timaeus sections 25, 709-14).
An urchin conquering all, imperially she mounts her tussock of pebbly Thuringian meadow.
the rape and mutilation of his daughter by imperially supported thugs
But others do not respond positively, especially the imperially allied elite (12:2, 14, 24, 38; 14:1-12; 15:1; 16:1, 6, 12).
She agrees that Latin American youth are breaking the eggshell of imperially imposed identities and traditions.
For centuries, Confucius's imperially bestowed honorific titles had been prefaced with the words "premier" or "first" or "perfected," but here he is degraded simply to "number two.