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The Buddhist rock-cut caves at Qixia, an imperially sponsored site of the Southern Dynasties, reflect a new experiment in religious and artistic practice in the south during the time of their creation.
When viewed regionally rather than imperially, such sites cease to appear as smuggling towns; they instead emerge as centers of protest against Ottoman centralization and British peripheralization.
The excavation of this old epitaph aroused a great deal of emotion from Huiyun's supporters, among whom was an anonymous official with the title of caifang shijun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--that is, an imperially commissioned inspector.
It was fostered by the cathedral chapter of Augsburg, its provost Gerhard recording the life and miracles of the saint, and promoted by the see's imperially appointed bishop.
Part One covers familiar topics -- successive territorial acquisitions, enlarging political boundaries, relations with native peoples and European neighbours -- in the context of his argument that Americans encroached imperially against other peoples.
The subsequent catalogues (those of Sheng-shao and Baochang) were imperially ordered and even contain descriptions of the palace collection of Buddhist scriptures.
93) Passion again rears its seductive head in an imperially entangled cuckoo metamorphosis.
10 The Qinding shengjing tongzhi (The Imperially Ordered Gazetteer of the Capital), the Jilin tongzhi (Gazetteer of Jilin Province), and the Heilongjiang zhi gao (Manuscript Gazetteer of Heilongjiang Province); the Qinding shengjing tongzhi was produced during the final years of the Qing dynasty, the other two during the first years of the Republic.
Volumes 1-5 presented an official history of calligraphy in illustrated form, while volumes 6-10 contained an impressive number of works by the Two Wangs, by which Song Taizong could identify himself with the traditional imperially sponsored style of calligraphy and champion its revival.
The occurrence of tondo as a translation for zhong in the Sino- Jurchen vocabulary studied by Jin Qicong implies that tondo had been the standard Jurcheno-Manchu translation for this Confucian ethical term for several hundred years before the completion of an imperially sponsored Manchu translation of the Analects in the mid- seventeenth century.
4997 defines imperially mandated cases as "investigations of great treachery and evil, and so events not often witnessed.
Along our trail, Isaac slashes with his machete to remove fallen foliage from recent rain; and at the top of the pass a crested eagle swoops imperially through the jungle canopy, inspecting the human intruders.