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In its new report, The Capital Question: Financing New York City's Future Infrastructure, the New York Building Congress warns that lack of dedicated funding sources and inter-governmental coordination threatens to imperil the vast and growing infrastructure maintenance and expansion programs taking place in New York City.
ITEM: The "funding impasse" over federal transportation legislation "may imperil byways," said the Salt Lake Tribune for March 2.
Looking forward, however, insurers argue that a series of terrorist acts or other catastrophes of similar magnitude could imperil their industry's solvency.
An epilogue examines the decline in bird migration as human activity, acid rain, and global warming imperil the birds' journeys and habitats.
The most effective way to protect our troops, and to prevent them from developing habits of mind that may eventually imperil our liberties at home, would be to bring them home--now.
Already outlawed in more than two dozen national parks, snowmobiles have been found to disrupt the natural behaviors of wildlife, fill the air with background noise and hydrocarbons, and imperil the health of park employees.
This annual from the environmental watchdog group the Worldwatch Institute celebrates its 20th anniversary of tracking economic trends that imperil ecosystems and touting ways to foster an environmentally sustainable society.