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All those cats have a devastating effect on wildlife, especially species already imperiled by habitat loss and other, more direct human causes.
This river is a hotspot for imperiled species, but there is a high potential for improvement to the watershed, especially with help from partners like those in attendance at the summit (such as Georgia Department of Natural Resources, The Nature Conservancy, the local river alliances, and Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
By examining thousands of documents and interviewing sources around the world, they uncovered the story of how First Energy took two years to declare to the NRC their knowledge of a serious corrosion problem on the massive steel lid covering Davis-Besse's radioactive core, which imperiled thousands of lives in the nearby community.
These forests protect the late-successional/old-growth forests that are home to the imperiled California spotted owl and Pacific fisher.
NWF'S KEEP THE WILD ALIVE program has awarded ten new grants to local organizations for innovative, community-based projects that will directly improve conditions for imperiled species.
What covered property is, or would have been, imperiled by a Y2K failure that would trigger a legitimate sue-and-labor expense?
Finding art history's traditional categories to be misleading, Didi-Huberman turns to semiotics as the conceptual tool that enables him "to shore up the imperiled historical imagination" and recover the "universe of thought" inhabited by the community of monks instrumental in the creation and reception of these paintings.
His thesis is that there was never a "Soviet menace" that actually imperiled the United States, or an internal threat of the kind conjured up by generations of rightwingers.
Observation: It appears that if the Tax Court accepts Seagram's argument, every putative tax-free reorganization will be imperiled.
Detailed are the stories of harvesting, transporting and processing pine logs, the fires that imperiled Michigan settlers, and how an abandoned, cutover, burned out wilderness has been converted once again into highly productive and protected public lands that today are one of Michigan's greatest assets for continued economic development and a rising quality of life for its citizens.
Increasingly steep population declines over the past century or two have imperiled orangutans' survival in northeastern Borneo, according to a new DNA analysis.