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This "Rosetta Stone" provides a common assessment utility from various species imperilment lists.
We use Nature-Serve's at-risk species as our measure of species fragility rather than Endangered Species Act (ESA) listings because ESA listings are subject to political influences (Ando, 1999; Metrick and Weitzman, 1998; Rawls and Laband, 2004) and therefore do not truly reflect species imperilment.
236) The distance between potential rescuers and imperiled strangers is morally significant: faced with a choice between intervening in two cases which are identical on the facts apart from that in the first case imperilment is physically close and in the second it is not, people are likely to feel a greater responsibility to intervene in the first case rather than the second.
The eagerness to bring one man to justice may very well in this case have a serious downside risk, the least of which is a renewed civil war or a reversion to an even harsher dictatorship and, last but not least, the imperilment of a huge humanitarian operation providing assistance to millions of people urgently in need of help.
But the question is not whether a policy aimed toward managing the species imperilment problem is relevant--it appears we will need one in the Obama Administration and well into the future (3)--but rather, whether the ESA in particular is well-positioned to address the collection of social, economic, and environmental problems that seem most likely to present problems for species in the foreseeable future.
They lie on a continuum of imperilment, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), a private nongovernmental group that publishes an annual "Red List" classifying species as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable to extinction.
Half-hour setup neatly dovetails essential character background with the flawed hero's extreme imperilment.
Hipperholme becomes hippiedom, imperilment, hyperbole, chaperone or Chippendale and neighbouring Lightcliffe is weightlifter or nightlife.
Decline of a diverse fish fauna: patterns of imperilment and protection in the southeastern United States.
Because of their imperilment and restricted distribution, conservation of the remaining populations of Cumberlandian species is imperative for their continued existence.
In the sea, where many scientists had long believed that species would be relatively shielded from extinction risk, more than 40 percent of a subfamily of groupers meet IUCN criteria for imperilment, says Callum Roberts, a marine conservation biologist at the University of York in the United Kingdom.
Both basin strategies call for coordination with partners to 1) prioritize species based on level of imperilment, 2) identify stream segments with habitat suitable to mussel augmentation or reintroduction, 3) rank stream segments according to their relative importance for each species' recovery, 4) develop individual site augmentation and reintroduction plans for specific restoration activities, and 5) outline the propagation, restoration, and monitoring activities needed for each species' recovery.