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And perhaps more importantly, the Court's willingness to answer these questions and deploy these principles, which it has largely avoided for ages, may herald the arrival of a Court whose boldness is either (1) is imperious and frightening, (2) is appropriate to match the imperiousness of the President, or (3) both.
He flattened it into a kind of wall and an imperiousness drifted into his eyes.
Of course, one can't impose topics on writers and artists, but I think political realities, the large movements of history--both of the past and of history as it unfolds during our own lifetimes--constitute a theme that imposes itself with a certain imperiousness on many of today's writers, particularly on those writers who have known first hand traumatic historical and political realities such as dictatorships, oppression, war or exile.
And the moods, from imperiousness through complacency to querulous anxiety: Few of these women look like they'd be fun to hang with.
A passion for divertissement--betokened by the popularity of the Norderney resort and by the imperiousness of fashion--always signifies the deracination of a people from its ethical soil.
Her sacking captured in microcosm everything which disturbed the grassroots about the Mbeki presidency: its casual imperiousness, its disdain for the opinions of the membership, its explicit preference for AIDS denialism at the expense of decisive action, and its selective application of government 'rules' to discipline some ministers but not others with the so-called FOT - 'Friends of Thabo' -enjoying much greater licence.
Moving away from the imperiousness and fatality of content, the cinematic image in Ossessione enjoys a freedom that intimates artistic and historical liberations yet to come.
In spite of her imperiousness, the Princess genuinely wanted her marriage to work and clearly tried very hard.
This man--clearly an Indian--was laying bare the pathologies of my country in a masterful dissection that had the imperiousness and calm of great writing.
It is useless to call Stevens a snob because a major poet transcends personality and temperament; he speaks in a universal voice; and the stories about Stevens' imperiousness toward his colleagues are mostly irrelevant.
As Caesar's imperiousness elevates his self-conception above the sphere of mortal men, so does Brutus's republican part.
Higgins' Theseus, arriving late to the gloomfest, conveys plenty of imperiousness as well as a convincing 11th-hour reconciliation with Moore's Hippolytos.