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The argument would be emphasizing, then, that the price of denying the imperishability of the soul would be the rejection of the possibility of giving an account of anything at all.
In the operationalization of perishability, Items 1 and 2 were designed to tap imperishability.
But it reveals to him, not only the evil of oppression, but also the nobleness of the meek, the value of sacrifice, the compassion (Unamuno's padecer con, "suffering with"), the imperishability of love; it reveals to him what his struggle is to be, and his strength to carry it out; it reveals to him that "the supernatural is truly carnal," as Peguy would later write.
He says of war that it was "the furnace of the individual in a way that a life of labor is not," and when he writes of "flying itself, the imperishability of it, the brilliance," his prose is transformed into something pure and ravishing--and blessedly unselfconscious.
Theile" or "piece" that imperishability is here granted, not to Attis as a
Mishima's Temple is a confessional story in which Mizoguchi, serving as the first-person narrator, tells why and how he "killed" the Golden Temple, even though the monument was both his personal ideal of beauty and a national treasure, a symbol of the old Japan and of the imperishability of Japan's cultural heritage.
After heating the packed product, an imperishability period of 2-6 weeks is obtained by rapid cooling down and subsequent storing at 4 [degrees] C.
Certain forms, he notes, have always had a great hold on the mind, possessing an imperishability that cannot be explained by pure chromaticism or continuity (Journals, p.