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IMPERIUM. The right to command, which includes the right to employ the force of the state to enforce the laws; this is one of the principal attributes of the power of the executive. 1 Toull. n. 58.

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Imperium has retained its net working capital value of USD25m.
Cloud Imperium Games also had a general update about the game's stability.
The gamers cup organized by WD, with the collaborating efforts of Imperium Internet bar, has hyped up the local tech and gaming scene.
In the past several years, Imperium Capital and Centurion Realty have partnered on prime Manhattan retail acquisitions, including the SoHo Apple Store building at 103 Prince Street, 120 Prince Street, and the retail condominium at 465 Broadway.
Importantly, the Imperium business, because it will be delivered by truck, helps relieve the outbound logistical challenges we are facing due to a North America?
In the novel, the Imperium, numbering several million members, has established its own Army and a Congress that gathers in a hidden compound in Waco.
Imperium also will receive five-year warrants to purchase 1.
Umpqua Bank (NASDAQ: UMPQ) and Imperium Renewables have entered into an agreement in which the bank will provide a loan to the company through its GreenStreet Lending programme.
Imperium entered the project in July last year through a collaborative research agreement with non-profit research organisation Battelle, which manages PNNL for DOE.
The company chief executive officer, John Plaza, said, 'This grant will help Imperium provide sustainable, economically viable drop-in bio fuels that will allow commercial airlines and the Department of Defense to become less reliant on foreign oil.
Una de las piedras angulares de las reconstrucciones del derecho publico romano es el concepto de imperium (y junto con este el de auspicium), suma de poderes cuyo titular es el supremo magistrado republicano, poder soberano, unitario, originario, inicialmente y potencialmente ilimitado, vinculado al poder del antiguo monarca.
Por otro lado esta la relacion auspicia e imperium, para MOMMSEN expresan lo mismo bajo puntos de vista diferentes; sobre esta misma linea interpretativa CANCELLI, para quien los auspicia maxima serian un aspecto del imperium, ya que no se puede negar que el imperium esta ligado estrechamente a los auspicios.