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Children invite us to ask what remains in the face of impermanence.
Emptiness has to do with impermanence, contingency, and no-self.
Legendary composer/choreographer Meredith Monk returns to BAM's Next Wave festival November 1-5, with her multimedia production impermanence, a celebration of life and a meditation on death (left).
One of the secrets to living a happy life is to embrace impermanence and live every single moment as if it is our last, because we never know when that last one is going to come.
Camera records his joyfully smiling face as he lectures on compassion, altruism and impermanence to crowds of rapt listeners; then, when he has gone, shows their rush to touch the cushion he sat on.
The impermanence of all finite reality, and the suffering created by our need to keep life, ideas, and people in a "fixed," form (a past, idealized, or wished-for form) in order to feel happy, are insights derived from Buddhist thought.
Following the success of their extraordinary rural installation in Savonlina (AR December 1999), the young Finnish practice of Marco Casagrande and Sami Rintala has continued to explore an architectural language of impermanence, economy and anarchy, that draws attention to specific environmental and social issues.
The river, caught between generation and extinction, reveals Eternity within impermanence.
Translated from Hebrew -- a language that only lives in the mainstream because of Israeli pioneers, and which centers these poems all the more in a particular time and place -- these lines weave themes of motherhood together with fears of impermanence, borrowing and reworking biblical tropes, even as they look cautiously toward an uncertain future:
Lessons in Impermanence Jane Parry (Parthian Books, PS8.
In "Thing of Beauty" (page 52), she puts this delicate conversation out on the table, exploring our fears of invisibility and impermanence, our feelings of unworthiness, and the ways we judge one another and are judged.