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Neave's follow-up to 2003's "Cry Funny Happy "is one of the American relationship dramas that perfectly capture the complexity and impermanency of relationships in contemporary world.
It is not only what makes impermanency, it is also the impermanency itself.
Unlike other judicial systems like governments and Shartay courts, the Judia is distinguished by impermanency of its membership, informality and accessibility to all in the community.
In this period of frantic change, wrote Malcolm Cowley in 1980, when "memories have become irrelevant, experience is less valued than youthful force and adaptability," when childlessness, impermanency of marriages prevail and neighborliness is a fading ideal, one can predict lonely age for the now young (Cowley 1980: 34-35).
Naipaul takes a philosophical look at the impermanency of power.