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But the pettiness and impermanency of Eleanora's life is part of O'Brien's scheme.
That one person in 42 percent of new marriages each year has already been divorced reflects impermanency.
Temporary work generates stigma; labeled as "flakes," temps appear as the undeserving, responsible for their impermanency.
To observers of progressive persuasion his sense of the impermanency of ideas and intellectual axioms became "realism" or "sociologial jurisprudence"; his willingness to defer to the wishes of those holding positions of political power became a belief in social experimentation; his tendency to believe that social upheavals were infrequent and that words alone rarely threatened the fabric of society became a faith in free speech; his general indifference to social problems and political issues became enlightened judicial self-restraint.
Cambridge considers this temporal impermanency through a suggestively Australian topography, arguing that a "few brief years" is "all that we possess" in "our little island-home" (p.
Their single-minded dedication to these inconstant & passing pleasures serves to remind us, as Ishigura wrote, "of the permanent impermanency of life, smoke as a moment's monument to the vanity of human wishes & the insufficiency of desire.
You told me once your father was a Don Juan, that it was his faithlessness which had affected your childhood, giving you a feeling of impermanency.